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Episode 63

Published on:

4th Aug 2021

GGP Episode 63: Rated C for Coleslaw, Cover-ups, and Catty B*tches AKA BLOW THE MAN DOWN

Murder! Mayhem! Meemaws! This week Brit and Katie delve into the indie thriller/dark-comedy BLOW THE MAN DOWN from writing/directing team Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy. Starring Margot Martindale, Sophie Lowe, and Morgan Saylor, the film follows sisters Mary Beth and Priscilla as they grieve their mother, try to keep the family business afloat, oh, and attempt to cover up an accidental murder.

Next week's movie is A24's THE GREEN KNIGHT which is now in theatres. Mask up and join us next week for our discussion.

Stay spoopy ya'll!


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00:01:38 Angel

00:02:18 Housekeeping

00:03:40 WWW

00:19:04 Blow The Man Down intro.

00:41:00 SPOILERS!

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01:19:56 Next Week's Movie

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