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Episode 67

Published on:

1st Sep 2021

GGP Episode 67: Rated D for Drugs, Decapitation, and Deadly Love AKA FIRST LOVE

This week Katie and Brit discuss Japan's most prolific modern director Takashi Miike's newest film FIRST LOVE (2019).

Synopsis: Over a cold night in Tokyo, a boxer takes an impulsive leap to assist a troubled call girl. They find themselves trapped in the middle of a gang war and drug smuggling plot.

Next week's movie is CANDYMAN (2021).

Stay spoopy ya'll!


00:00:49 Intro

00:01:48 Housekeeping

00:02:20 WWW

00:12:11 FIRST LOVE intro

00:21:00 SPOILERS

01:06:00 Final Thoughts and Ratings

01:15:00 Next Week's Movie

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